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Premiere Editing

Adobe Premiere is one of the three most commonly used video editing programs.  Being a part of the Adobe CC Suite makes it attractive to independent producers, television productions, and web-based companies.  Learning premiere is ideal for any multimedia video editor!


Avid Editing

 About 85 percent of what is seen on film and television is edited using Avid.  If you are serious about a career working in film and television, this is an essential program to learn!  Our program is designed to give you the mechanics as well as the practice that will get you hired and most importantly, keep you employed.


Production 101

Starting a career in production? Need a quick overview of the essentials? Necessary Academy's course will teach you the basics of cameras, lighting, and audio (including setup procedures and how to use the equipment).  By the end of the course you will have the tools you need not only to practice but become an asset on any production set, including your own!