Jennifer Moore - Season 2 Premiere


As the CEO of a private education consulting organization, Jennifer Moore is an independent consultant who supports school districts and educational non-profits analyze the distinguishable, yet often hidden ways racism, privilege and power create inequitable outcomes. With fifteen years of experience in the educational sector, Jennifer has shared high impact strategies that directly address racism and its manifestations throughout schools. Her concept of “bad actors” who commit racist acts helps us change our mindsets regarding equity and pushes us to encompass a systems level analysis of the culture, policies, and practices that contribute to inequity. As the Managing Director of the Teacher Leadership Development team for Teach For America, Jennifer lead a major overhaul of their teacher development program to prioritize culturally relevant pedagogy as a framework for new teacher development.

Season Finale - DeRay McKesson


DeRay McKesson is an activist, educator, global leader, and exudes excellence in all that he does. A Baltimore native, DeRay has been an activist since childhood and later joined Teach For America as a teacher in New York City. DeRay and fellow activists Johnetta Elzie, Samuel Sinyangwe, and Brittany Packnett launched Campaign Zero, a ten-point policy plan for police reform. His advocacy work within cities like Ferguson, Baton Rouge, Charleston and his support of the Black Lives Matter movement landed him with President Obama at the White House to discuss relations between black communities and law enforcement officials. His impact and influence on the world is unparalleled and he is the true definition of excellence.

Dennis Knight - We Wear The Masks

Dennis Knight is an educator, published author, ordained Elder, and a role model of excellence! This change agent obtained both his Bachelors and Masters in English at North Carolina Central University, a Historically Black College that he is a strong advocate for. His work in the LGBTQ movement is inspiring, bold, and unapologetic. As a teacher at Newark Collegiate Academy, a KIPP high school that educates 800 African American and Latino students in Newark, New Jersey, he is changing lives and spreading love everyday.

Darnell L. Moore - No Ashes in the Fire


Darnell Moore is an author, educator, cultural worker, critic, but above all an inspiration to everyone he encounters. He is the Editor-at-Large at CASSIUS and formerly a senior editor and correspondent at Mic. He co-founded YOU Belong, a social good company focused on the development of diversity initiatives and received the Humanitarian Award from the American Conference on Diversity for his advocacy in Newark. His anti-racist, feminist, and queer of color advocacy work has been featured in Ebony Magazine and The Huffington Post. He was appointed as the inaugural chair of a committee by former mayor of Newark, Cory Booker and this month he is releasing his book - No Ashes in the Fire: Coming of Age Black & Free in America.

Veronica Avery - La Fuerza Latina


Veronica is a powerful force in the world of education, certainly irreplaceable. A strong Latina woman, she has worked in the public school system for over 15 years with a career ranging from coaching teachers, building curriculum, and coaching principals. She is leaving a lasting legacy within the city of Newark; entering schools and making them great. Her story will inspire you to dream big, love yourself, and take pride in your identity.

BONUS Episode: #Beychella


The festival formally known as Coachella has been renamed after the one, the only, Beyoncé! This bonus episode is for all of my fans in the Beyhive (and those who weren't lucky enough to see the performance live). We reflect on one of the most magical performances to grace a stage with special guests: Chelsey Wilkins, who is the brand manager for one of the best tequila companies on the market, Avión and the woman behind the Walk In Your Excellence Podcast, Myah Stone who is a producer, show host, and DJ!

Jerri Reid - Rip The Runway

Jerri Reid, a Brooklyn native, community activist, and fashion guru, is a young designer with a "wise eye" according to Lucky Magazine. Single handedly he has created a self-entitled clothing line that has reached new boundaries since its creation in 2012. With a keen focus on edge, his mission is to provide versatility for timeless women and provide fashion on demand for men. Jerri has been featured in hundreds of media outlets including Essence and his designs are worn by supermodels nationwide. Every designer's dream is to be featured in New York Fashion Week....and he can already check that off his list! Listen in and be inspired to live your best fashion life this week!

Sean Larry - UnSeen Thoughts


Sean Larry is an educator, author, entrepreneur, musician, life coach, motivational speaker, public figure and so much more. Born to a mother heavily addicted to drugs and a father who abandoned him as a child, this young man went from inner-city to Ivy League and is now transforming the lives of students all across the country. He's been featured in Essence Magazine, Good Morning America, Roland Martin's TV One, a keynote speaker at some of the most prestigious universities in America and is moments away from being named Dr. Stevens. His story will inspire you to dream, live, love harder, and embrace life's challenges.

Clyla Destiny - Jack Of All Trades


Clyla Destiny is a powerhouse who is transforming lives of other young women all over the world. Clyla is a screenwriter, entrepreneur, and social media presence. As a photographer, model, motivational speaker, poet, and so much more, this young woman is an inspiration for all millennials who are following their passion. Her work in theatre and film will certainly change the world of media.

Chef Jeff - I'm a Business, Man!


Chef Jeff is an entrepreneur, a creative genius, and a connoisseur when it comes to event planning. Educated at the French Culinary Institute, his world renowned cakes are admired across the country and his catering company is booming with thousands of clients. With years of service associated with many community organizations such as the BeGr8 Foundation Inc. and his fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Chef Jeff often takes his children’s Cupcake Class and young adults’ experience, “#CookingWithChefJeff to kitchens and venues around the country.

TaNisha Fordham


TaNisha Fordham started her own company when she was in college and the rest is history...I mean herstory! As a published author, a director and a producer, TaNisha takes us through her journey of becoming an Oscar Nominee before the age of 30. This young woman has dedicated her life to mentorship, education, and cultivating the next generation of Spike Lee's and Shonda Rhimes' of the world.