Jaz Grant


Jaz Grant is a 28 year old founding principal in Brooklyn, NY who has the audacity to lead from the conviction of his faith. He believes his faith is has been the fuel in his work and what continues to drive him! From Pitsburg, Texas, a Morehouse graduate, and a former teacher-- Jaz says, "God is a way of being and is not limited to the Bible."

Jamila McGill


Jamila McGill is a Spelman College graduate, landlord, and co-founder of Brooklyn Tea. She had the audacity to powerfully set intentions and become tunnel vision to achieve them! She says this life was possible with intentionality and a little bit of magic! Listen in on her love story and so much more!

Lia Holman


When the doctors confirmed that she would be hooked up to an oxygen machine to live and may never be able to walk normally, her mother's faith deepened!

Ashley Foster

27 years old, Foster is studying for the bar exam and recently released 122lbs in 8 months with no pills, no wraps, no surgery. This was an experience that took her through so many phases and was inspired by a break up. Tune in for tips and to hear how she is living with AUDACITY.

Damilola Okuboyejo

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An innovator, trailblazer, and mastermind, Okuboyejo shares her gems of having retired from her first love, teaching to pursue her luxury stationary company full time, and soon after found out she was pregnant WITH TWINS! Find out what she did to still live a full life doing the work she felt called to do! You don’t want to miss this episode!

Tayahna Walcott

15-year-old Tayahna Walcott tells about her journey as a talented artist who is a model, singer, writer, and producer, as well as an all star student. She reveals the inspiration behind her living her dreams aloud! She gives tips to teens who are struggling with self image! What a BOSS she is! Living her best life!

Meah Denee

Not only is Meah a model and producer, she is also committed to giving voice to middle class youth whom she says “don’t receive much focus.” After relocating to NYC to pursue her dreams, Meah decided to leave live life to the fullest! Tune in to hear about her transition from the south to NYC in pursuit of her dreams!

Sean Larry Stevens

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30 year old principal, Sean Larry Stevens came out to his mother when he was engaged to his fiancé! Although the engagement was short lived, he says, “I learned so much about my sister and mother during that time.” Tune in to hear how his family reacted and what it’s like to be a young, gifted, and black gay high school principal who is living with AUDACITY!

Derrius Quarles

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Derrius Quarles' father was murdered when he was 4, this lead him to being in foster care for the duration of his childhood in Chicago. Can you imagine? In high school, however, Derrius' life took a turn. He earned over a million dollars in scholarships and went to Morehouse College and UPENN. And later wrote a book called “The Million Dollar Scholar.” He offers tips on how to intentionally choose your life. 

Kerri-Ann Thomas

Kerri-Ann, 30, has published two children's books, has been a principal since age 28, and is living the life of her dreams. After her father was murdered, she lived on her own since age 15, and is a first generation college graduate from Spelman College and Columbia University, respectively. She attributes her success to a few key ingredients.

Devone Graham

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23 year old who had a full ride to college on an athletic scholarship, but after an incident, was forced to drop out. He became a real estate agent and found his niche. He’s earned nearly 100k and doesn’t plan on stopping! Listen to how Devone resolved use his set back as a come back!

Tai Abrams

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A 30 year old Caribbean American who went to Duke University, accrued over 140k in debt and paid it all off in 7 years! Her commitment is to build multi-generational wealth for her family and to help us all do the same. She published a book targeted to middle school students called, WHO AM I? An A-Z Career Guide for Teens. You can purchase on Amazon. She is a trailblazer in her own right and is breaking the mode of possibilities for young people. Find out what tricks and tips she has for paying off debt and building wealth!