Necessary Studios,  presents a Filmmaker Susu.  A susu is an informal means of collecting and saving money through a savings club or partnership, practiced throughout Africa and the Caribbean.  Members of the susu pay a specific amount of money each month. Every month one member of the group receives the total sum of the monthly payments, until each member has received a lump sum of money.  The filmmaker susu will go a step further. Not only will filmmakers be pooling money together, they will also pool together their film making skills.

Today’s independent filmmaker isn’t only a director or producer.  They have a multitude of slashes in their title. Director/editor, or director/writer, or even director/editor/writer/producer /cinematographer!  They all have different skills to offer a project. With the Necessary Filmmaker Susu we will be selecting 6 filmmakers with slashes in their title.  These 6 filmmakers will come together to make 6 films in 6 months. By working together and feeding off each others energy these 6 filmmakers will create 6 great works!  All backed by Necessary Studios! Necessary Studios is opening up its doors full of equipment and studio space, giving these filmmakers a home base that has everything needed for these projects to be a great success.  Cameras, lights, audio equipment, edit stations and so much more will be supplied to these filmmakers to reduce cost and create a synergy for 6 wonderful films.

Time Period: January 1st  2019 - December 31st 2019
Participants will be selected by Necessary Studios, based on Susu concept, film making background and optimal team balance.  Applicants not selected will automatically be considered for future Susus.

Money breakdown

The cost to join the susu is $225 a month.  Necessary studios will provide access to its production facility for production shoots, casting, rehearsals, sound recordings, or anything needed for the susu production or any other production the film maker may have throughout the year.  In addition film makers will receive unlimited access to editing stations, set up in the studios post production facilities. Participants will also have access to production equipment such as cameras, lights and audio during the time of there susu project.  Once voltron is formed, susu members decide on what the production budgets will be for their films. The budget can range from $1200 to $6000

Submission Criteria:

$15.00 Submission fee
Directed or produced at least one project Prior to October 1, 2018|
Skilled in at least one key crew position.
Must have seen Back to the Future
Must live in the Tri state area
1 film showcasing directing or producing and 1 film showcasing slash (can be the same film)
Concept for Susu project

Participant receives:

  • Up to 180 hour of production and post production services from other participants on their susu project.

  • $600- $3000 in production budget for their susu project

  • 6 hours/month of production studio time at Necessary Studios as well as  Unlimited post production facility time at Necessary Studios, pending workstation availability.

  • A team of creatives working together to finish 6 projects in 6 months

  • Each completed film will be showcased at a Necessary Filmmaker Showcase.

Participant Obligations:

  • Take ownership of the concept they bring to the table.  They will be responsible for making sure the film is complete by the set due date.

  • Submit a $200 deposit plus $225/month for 6 months for the studio.

  • Deposit $100-$500/month for 6 months to the production budget pool.

  • Turn in a script or plan (doc) 1 month before their selected month dedicated to their project.

  • Contribute up to 36 hours a month of production or post production services working on other susu projects.

To be considered for the Necessary Susu please fill out the submission form below.