situationSIPS Episode Two - Rocky Road


Welcome to Situation-Sips! The official aftershow podcast for the hot web series, Situationships!

This week, Kar Logan joins us to discuss Melody’s new commitment to the situationships life, Damian’s newfound baby mama drama, the spoken and unspoken rules on friends dating to your exes, and the ups and downs that come with speed dating! Grab your favorite cocktail and sip with us!

This Week’s Playlist:

Dance - RoZa Fox 

MDMA - Apollo

BS (Breakfast & Sex) - EsZ 

3 Way - Soundoff Beats

Save Us - Lynda Starr

U Tried It - Brave Williams

Tell Me What You Say - Soundoff Beats

HighComing - So Classik

Wait a Minute - Cocoa Sarai 

Clock In - Shah Infinite

Good Life - So Classik

situationSIPS Theme Song - Frantic - So Classik

situationSIPS Outro - Good Life - So Classik

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