situationSIPS Episode Three - All Ty'd Up


Welcome to Situation-Sips! The official aftershow podcast for the hot web series, Situationships!

This week, the crew discusses Melody’s new developments with Ty, Tarryn and his trash antics with Leila, the fool-proof signs that you’re over your ex, and so much more! Grab your favorite cocktail and sip with us!

This Week’s Playlist:

Thinking Bout You - JayT Russell

Still Dreaming - So.Classik

Aamenboi - Amen Arthur

Off - Suave The Producer

On My Own - Apollo

Curry - Suave The Producer

KeepUp - So.Classik

Contact - Soundoff Beats

Never Too Much - Ayanna Williams

situationSIPS Theme Song - Frantic - So Classik

situationSIPS Outro - Good Life - So Classik

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