situationSIPS Episode Five - EX-Planations


Welcome to Situation-Sips!  The official aftershow podcast for the hot web series, Situationships! 

This week, our good friend Iris and special guest Kenishia Greene join us to discuss Gabrielle and Theo’s reunion, Leila’s epic dash to hide from Jazmyn, Robin’s meltdown with Ryan, and Melody’s decision to visit Damian. Plus, we meet a new character, Kali! Grab your favorite cocktail and sip with us! 

This Week’s Playlist:

  • Old Time Sake - Tina Yao

  • Good Old Days - Suave The Producer

  • MileHigh - So.Classik

  • Meet Me In The City - Mia Sparrow

  • Kamasutra - Soundoff Beats

  • YFN Lucci Type Beat - Suave The Producer

  • Position - Soundoff Beats

  • Synchronize - Jordan Williams

  • Lately - Suave The Producer

  • Love Anatomy - Soundoff Beats

  • DoItForARealOne - So.Classik

  • 50 Shades of Need - Neenah Shawn

  • Pieces - Apollo

situationSIPS Theme Song - Frantic - So Classik

situationSIPS Outro - Good Life - So Classik

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