situationSIPS Episode Four - Bills, Bills, Bills

Welcome to Situation-Sips! The official aftershow podcast for the hot web series, Situationships!

This week, the crew sits down with Iris Stevens (who plays Vanessa on the show) to discuss how bad Gabrielle’s really got it, Robin’s “high” standards, going dutch on dates, the dynamics of pity dates, and so much more! Grab your favorite cocktail and sip with us!

This Week’s Playlist:

Persian Love - Suave The Producer

Deep - City Fidelia

Don’t Stop - Amen Arthur

Day Dreaming - Apollo

Up Thinking - EsZ

Rising - Suave the Producer

Emotionless - So.Classik

Can’t Stop - Amar Jehs

Make It Work - Soundoff Beats

NewPiece2 - So.Classik

L.L.L. - Tina Yao

Breathless - Shacar

Allei - Suave The Producer

situationSIPS Theme Song - Frantic - So Classik

situationSIPS Outro - Good Life - So Classik

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