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Post Production Services



Whether you need an actors reel to get the part, a work reel to get the job, or a photo/video history reel to play at your event, our editors will cut together something that will serve you for time to come. 


Audio Mixing 

If you want you projects to have the same great sound you hear on television.  You must get a good audio mix.  Audio mixing is a necessary but often overlooked step in independent production.  Contact us about mixing you next project. 


Video Editing

Necessary Studios has a pool of skilled editors that will fit your edit needs. We edit, commercials, sizzle reels, web series, or just about anything you need cut together. click below to be contacted for a free consultation.

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Color Correction 

Color is something that can absolutely be fixed in post.   If you want take your project to the next level Color correction is essential.  Contact us about color correcting your next project so it can have the professional feel it deserves. 

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