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Siblings fight, siblings, play, and siblings chat. In most cases, we are introduced to our siblings by our parents. They tell you this is your brother or sister and you must love them, and adventure follows.  This was NOT the case for Leia and LaVarro.  They met about a year ago working in television. They don't have the same parents, no one told them they had to love or even like each other. (they were one of the few black people at the company so they kind of had to at least like each other)  Upon meeting, LaVarro teased Leia about her boots, and then adventure followed.  They began to fight, play, and chat much like you would with your sibling.  LaVarro didn't have a sister and Leia didn't have a brother, they then decided together, they would be the brother/sister they never had.  With the big screen and small screen being both their passion and job, the topic 

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