Necessary Weddings


Create What's Necessary

Say goodbye to your typical wedding video.  We approach your wedding experience with the creative mindset of a Hollywood production while maintaining the grace and care your special day deserves.  Our camera operators are film directors, using the latest equipment to cover your wedding from multiple angles so you can relive every moment.  Our editors are professional editors that have worked in broadcast TV insuring your end product will be both entertaining to you, not only because it's staring you but because it is a wonderful love story that anyone can enjoy. 

All of our wedding packages include a 5-7 minute highlight reel of entire your wedding day that you can enjoy and share with you friends.  It will also include a 25-30 minute movie that showcases every important moment of the day.  In addition to this, weeks before the day of your wedding, together we will produce a short 3-7 minute love story movie starring you and your love.  This video will be a nice surprise to show your guest at the reception.  So we're not giving you something else to worry about on your day, our team will bring and  set up the projector and sound system for you and your guest to enjoy.  The short movie will also be a big hit among your Facebook friends.

Just as important as your finished product is the journey to make it happen.  We are committed to have everything go off without a hitch.  We are an easy going crew.  We love weddings and we are all about the love.  We are very aware of surroundings we take pride in fixing situations before they become situations.  If there is something you need from us on your day you won't have to quibble with us about whats not included in your package.  We are there to provide what is wanted and needed to make this day the best day ever.  Poke around the site then give us a call, we would love to make this wedding movie with you. 

The Love Story

Every great onscreen romance is grounded in truth.  Your love story is an epic one.  One that should be shared to touch move and inspire others.  You will be assigned a director to produce a short film about how you made it to this day.  This story can be told many different ways.   Together we will come up with the best way to convey this story for all to enjoy.

photo history film

This film will tell your love story though old and new photos, and an interview of you and your love separately (cause you may have some things to get off your chest)  and then together.  The interview will be edited together with music creating a film depicting the history of your love that everyone that knows you will enjoy.

documentary film

This film has everything the Photo History Film has and more.  In addition to the photos and interview.  Your director will film you on a mock date.  You and your love will go out and do something you both love and this will be cut together with the interview.  Couples tend to get creative and have fun with this date.  It is fun time you will always remember and if you don't, no worries we have it on video!

narrative film

This film is where the magic really happens.  Your director will sit with you a come up with a concept the two of you will love.  Parody your favorite movie or TV show, shoot a music video, reenact a moment in your own personal history.  The possibilities here are endless.  This may be your only chance to star in a movie,  take it before the studio calls Chris Pratt (that guy is in everything).

The Wedding Day

"Every day is the first day of the rest of your life."  On your wedding day this statement means a lot more.  We will chronicle this day, capturing the moments you will want to relive for years to come.  Our team of filmmakers are making a movie about your love story,  starring you.  This day is the climax of the story, that perfectly sets up the sequel that will be the rest of your lives .

The Wedding

  • up to 10 hours of coverage
  • two full hd cameras w/ operators
  • bridal and groom preparation
  • the ceremony
  • video coverage of photo session
  • reception
  • Love Story played at reception

Our videographers are trained professionals.  We take pride in covering all the important moments of you day with out being obtrusive.  We are like wedding ninjas!  We are an easy going flexible crew that works well with photographers, coordinators, and you.  We are committed to providing whatever is wanted and needed to insure your day runs smoothly and seamlessly chronicling the event  for you and your family to enjoy.