Season 3 , Episode 1 : BE Unstoppable


On today episode we sit down with with some very special guest from the film "Unstoppable" . Unstoppable is a short story written by Julianna Greenidge. She wrote the story as part of her 11th grade English assignment. With the help of her teachers, she submitted the story to a writing competition. She was a finalist but did not win. Lead producer, Cecilia Mejia, was one of the reviewers and decided to take Julianna's story into a film. The story is inspired by Julianna's real-life battle with anxiety and how she struggled to express her feelings to her family and friends. The film follows an eccentric young black girl, Lottie, who is struggling with anxiety and depression. As she struggles to communicate her feelings to her friends and family, she starts to get overwhelmed by things she cannot control. She finds solace in her writing and creativity, but her fight to work through her emotions is interrupted by a classmate who continues to pick on her for being different. It pushes her to the very edge, to the point where she feels she has no other choice but to end everything - the voices, the fear, the ridicule, the sadness.