Summer Love: Couples Edition Pt. 1


All relationships have their ups and downs cuz well, let's face it, nobody's perfect! And when there's mental health challenges involved, those ups and downs can add difficulty. So how do you support your significant other with mental health? What are the pro's and con's? We've got our guest Couples Therapist on board to help us navigate this avenue! So vibe with us to find out more on Episode 5 of Me2RadioZone What's else are we up to? Follow us on IG and FB @Me2RadioZone



May is Mental Health Awareness month and Alex and Keys had the dopest experience with mental health advocate Audrey Dimola! Audrey, a Queens native, is a powerhouse and a constant stand for the mental health community in addition to being a self published author. Shit gets real when Audrey takes it there with a powerful, authentic piece from her new book "Wildlight". . Follow us on IG and FB @Me2RadioZone to see what your mental health crusaders are up. Join the movement! . . #awareness #empathy #wildlight #advocate #warrior #support #thestruggleisreal #MentalHealthMondayz #mentalhealthcrusaders #wellnesswarriors # mentalhealthawareness #breakthestigma #weouthere



*This episode comes with a trigger warning, as it discloses details of experiences relating to sexual assault.*

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) and Me2RadioZone is showing their support and raising awareness with "The Power Of Your Voice" founder Emily Randall. . . Emily, a sexual assault survivor, opens up about her experience, how it has affected her mental health and how she is choosing to thrive. To learn more about Emily and her movement, follow her on FB & IG @thepowerofyourvoice. . . Tune in and learn some stats and facts about sexual assault and how YOU can use the power of your voice as an agent of change. . . Want to be a guest on our show? Email us at And be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @me2radiozone for updates and let us know how we're doing!

Me2RadioZone - Season Two - Episode 1 - Beauty IN The Beast!


Alex & Keys here! 

We're back with Season Two of Me2RadioZone, and this time, we're doing things bigger and better! 

Join us, as we give you guys updates on how 2017 went for us, how we've leveled up, and the fun things we have coming for you this year!  

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