Digital Branding

In today's internet dominated world, your digital footprint is as important as anything no matter what industry you are looking to conquer.  We have a range of packages to be customized to your digital branding needs


Head shots and portfolio photos are even more essential than they were 10 years ago.  This package includes a make-up artist, a professional photographer, committed to capture multiple perfect shots and digital retouching on your top 5 selections.  Starting at $499


Demo Reels

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million.  Weather you are a actor, musician, athlete, or entrepreneur,  gather the best of your performances, and let us edit together a demo reel showcasing your best skills.  Don't have performances to gather?  No worries, get started acting out a scene or audition, record your personal message to the world with one of our Directors.  Starting at $149


Web Design

Once  your photos are together, and your reel is created, it's time to put it all together.  Let us design your personal website that will act as the hub for everything you!  Add a bio page, resume and contact information, giving everyone all they need to get a digital introduction to you.  This package includes a one year subscription to Squarespace with domain registration.         Starting at $699



Launch My Brand Package

Need to  get branded?  This package is the brand starter kit.  You will be matched up with a director to help you shape the vision of your brand.  The package includes a  Squarespace website with a one year subscription, an in studio photo shoot, and one video produced to show case the vision of your brand.  Your package will be customized to your needs, to launch or relaunch your brand.   Starting at $999.00


Drop My Single Package

Need to put some music out?  This package is perfect of any artist.  Whether you are established or coming on to the scene this package is the one for you.  You will be matched with a director / Producer.   The package includes the recording of one song, a music video, as well as photo shoot.   The package will be customized to fit your you and the music you are releasing.  You will be left with everything needed to push your next single to the top of the charts.  Starting at $2500.00



A La Carte 

Need a even more custom branding solution?  We offer a wide range of services to get the content you want out into the world.  We produce websites, photos, videos, music, and all the details that come along with it.  You will be matched with a director to produce content that will ensure you put your stamp on the world.