Head shots and portfolio photos are even more essential than they were 10 years ago.  Come to Necessary Studios, and capture that perfect shot. Our studio is the perfect location to get this essential photo. Inside we have multiple backdrops for that clean in studio look. In the areas around our studio there are multiple areas to get he perfect on location shot. Rooftop access, empire state build background, bridges, nature parks and more. Contact us to schedule your shoot!

Demo Reels

If a picture is worth a thousand words than a video is worth a million.  Whether you are an actor, musician, athlete or even entrepreneur gather the best of your performances, and let us edit together a demo reel showcasing your best skills.  Don't have performances to gather?  No worries, get started acting out a scene, shoot a live performance or record an introduction with one  of our directors.

Actor's Reel


Demo Reels
from 59.00

Necessary Studios will create your reel. Simply send us links to samples of your work or upload them to our server, and we will cut them together in a reel. If you need to shoot new material, we got you covered there also

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Audition - $59.00

Have an audition you need to submit for, or do you want to beef up your reel? Shoot your scene with us.  Set your audition reel apart with clear audio and and clear video from a professional camera.  Also one of our directors will coach you to bring out your best performance. 

Intro Video $149.00

Need to add to your digital presence?  Want to personally introduce a new product to your audience?  We got you.  Work with one of our directors to convey the message you need to touch move and inspire your audience.

Demo Reel Edit $199.00

With this option gather all your best performance hand them over to us and we will put together a 2-5 minute reel, showcasing you at your very best.  Included is Audio clean up, color correction, adding music beds, transitions, and a photo/graphic contact card. 

 Web Design

Once  your photos are together, and your reel is created, it's time to put it all together.  Let us design your personal website that will act as the hub for everything you!  Add a bio page, resume, social media links and contact information, giving everyone a digital introduction to you!  Contact us to start building your sight!